Friday, 2 December 2011

Finally got my heron

For well over a year I've been pursuing this heron in Richmond Park. As soon as my camera came out he'd be off, however when I didn't have my camera on me he'd know and hang around just to tease me!
Finally he gave me a break a few months back! 

This is an A3 pastel painting based on these photos. I first painted a gouache base with some highlights, then worked over this in pastel. 

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sue said...

Congratulations on 'catching' your heron and the lovely portrait you've created.

A similar thing happened to me in October when a Hoopoe landed in a palm tree above my head (on Fuerteventura) I didn't have my camera but returned the next day, same time, and so did the bird. I got lots of photos (Blog 16 Oct) but the odds against that happening must be pretty long.