Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Chica, Pip and Sally are done!

I've finished, at last! This was a bit of a challenge! The photos could be better and bigger. Today I needed to decide how to link the dogs together. I didn't want to try to make them appear that they were in the same scene. The angles and lights are just too different. I did however want them to connect. I had a brainwave ( very rare! ) and decided to put a cushion with Chica the chihuahua. The cushion has included colours from all three dog portraiture's. Green from the grass in Pip, rust and blue from Sally and purple from Chica. Now to check that the person that asked me to do the commission is happy.........!

Monday, 28 June 2010

Been tweeking Pip, and getting on with Sally....

Well as said above, I've been tweeking, I really didn't like Pip's hind leg ( 2nd dog). I decided to change the pose slightly to soften the edges. I have worked into Sallys fur today worked on all the details. The lump between her front legs will be a ball. I need to decide on her background at the moment I'm thinking of graduating a tonal colour. The chihuahua I think I will hint the details of the sofa, most the photos I have she's on it, so I think it's was a typical pose!

I haven't really mentioned any technical arty stuff yet. I'm working initially with very soft pastel using pastelmat paper, then working into them with pastel pencils. Then to get strong final highlights I'm using soft pastels sharpened to a point.

Sunday, 27 June 2010

Now to do Sally

I think Pip is nearly there now, I've finally got to do Sally. She's a golden retriever and black labrador. I think she's going to be hard, she's very black and glossy.