Friday, 25 January 2013

A new skill for a New Year

Can you tell what it is yet...! Well this is a my attempt to get to grips with linocut. I'm printing from multiple lino pieces using a key lino block to transfer an identical image onto each piece of lino.
So far we are two stages in, already I have some slight registration problems on the left hand side.
I plumped for this technique over the reduction linocut (a technique where you use one piece of lino print a stage and cut out, print again, cut out more etc, until most of the lino is gone), as I like the idea that I can have unlimited goes at the print using different colours reusing my multiple pieces of lino. The down-side was more cutting to create the different stages of lino.
So I'm keeping the subject a secret my only clue is that it is a creature, hopefully all will become clear in time!