Friday, 11 March 2011

Grevy's zebra

Yesterday eye-strain, today brain-strain. I've painted on and off for years, however it's only the past year or so I have started to exhibit. My last two I was insured as part of a group so didn't have to deal with that part of it. My next exhibition I need to have it covered independently, so I've been reading all the small print of my existing cover, and guess what I need to pay more to be totally covered. Nothing I can do now until Monday, so back to the painting. More work to give the zebra more form, and lots of stripes.

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Zebra wip day 3

Today I had to try to see beyond the stripes, and find the zebras form. I'm using lots of hints of colour within the solid stripes to give the zebra more sense of form. I'm pleased with the progress on this today, I had a rare day of uninterrupted painting, most days my thought processes upon my work is very disjointed as I try to grab a couple of hours, it means I never really settle into my painting.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Eye strain

 I've really enjoyed getting stuck into this today. It's one of those paintings that seems to have a natural direction you follow instinctively. I truly thought after my first zebra, I'd never be so silly to do it again!
Tomorrow if the dark paint is dry I will start on the white, if not my mallard or disco duck as I keep calling it will be reviewed. I've just done my homework, the name of this zebra is Grevy's zebra.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

All stripey

My next project zebras, I must be mad, these are no normal ones either, they are a super stripey variety. I must do some research to find out the name. I took a load of photos of them last summer. A piece of useless trivia for you, even though zebras are closely related to the horse, they have never been successfully domesticated.
Its an oil painting 50cmx60cm, due to the subject matter a fairly limited palette will be required.
I've also been looking at my mallard, and I'm looking forward to it drying, I think I know where I want to take it, more fluidity and liquid movements, the overall feel is clumpy at the moment.

Monday, 7 March 2011

This is where I've got to

I'm taking a break from my mallard. I'm going to let it dry completely, then finish the painting.
I've just decided upon my next project more patterns in nature, but this time not as colourful. I took some great photos of zebra. I'm sticking with oils as I've already got the perfect canvas for the painting.