Friday, 14 January 2011

Champagne blonde

Today made a start on my latest commission, George the golden retriever. It's an A3 pastel painting. He's very blonde, his head is almost white, so I think it's more accurate to describe him as a blonde retriever, more peachy champagne than golden. I've blocked some colours in to decide my overall palette. George is a mature chap in this photo, a bit baggy, something that happens to us all eventually. Light coloured fur is always a challenge, it tricks the camera, so looked bleached out. George also has very dark eyes which are unexposed in the photo due to the light fur.

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

All change

Not a lioness! His name is George a gorgeous golden retriever, who unfortunately is no longer with us. I've just received an urgent commission for an A3 pastel painting. So once again the lioness has to go on the shelf.

Here's the lioness so far, it's been a bit of the a love/hate realationship. Love the th velvetery smooth texture, hate the fact you work into the pastel, it falls off! I'm thinking watercolour technique, simple no messing!