Thursday, 17 November 2011

Swan w.i.p.

I've roughly blocked in the green areas of the water. I don't want green over-kill so I'm working over the far background with a lavender colour to mute the green, and push it into the background. I'm going to work into the foreground tomorrow, then I can gauge how much I need to tone down the background colours.

I went to the Degas and the Ballet Picturing Movement Exhibition at the Royal Academy today. Fantastic absolutely fascinated by the use of photography, how by using 24 cameras, surrounding a figure all taking simultaneous photos, they could then be used to create sculptures or photosculpture. There were also examples of serial imagery that showed the broken down movements of the dancers. On top of this was the icing on the cake, Degas paintings, his pastels in real-life have so much more luminosity and vibrancy of colour.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Kingston wildlife

I've decided it's time I celebrated my local wildlife. First up is this swan on the river Thames. It's an A3 pastel painting on pastelmat, obviously still a w.i.p;
I've started with a gouache wash, which I'm now working into with pastel.