Friday, 20 November 2009

Little by little...dogs wip day 4

It's just been one of those weeks. My eldest son went back to school today after his illness, youngest son had been ill earlier in the week, he's had a mini relapse and looked awful today.......
So, again not too much time for this painting, I squeezed in a sneaky hour this afternoon and started the other dog. Something strange happening with his hind leg. I had another go at the hind leg of the dog on the right, I think its okay now. This is for a commission so here's the reference photo again, so I can compare and contrast!

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Day 3

I always seem to have a day in my wip when I post up a new days picture and have to play spot the difference! I have had a look at the shoulders, and worked some tonal values in using a green hard conte pastel. The perspective or proportion is still not right on the hind leg, I'll have a look at that upside down, see if I can work it out.
I still have a patient to look after, my eldest son managed to convince me this morning that he was still ill, backed up with a temp of 39c. So again not much time. I am going to do the other dog tomorrow, I have really tackled these two in the wrong order, so will cover the first dog with a sheet of paper whilst I do the second.

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Day 2 Wip, Toby and Sam

I've not had a good week as far as getting some art done. Monday and Tuesday my youngest son was sick, crazy temperatures making me think he had swine flu, but he seemed to recover too fast. Got him back to school today, now my other son has gone down with the same thing. Here's hoping its also only going to be a 48 hour thing. Right back to the art. I had a go at this whilst the patient was flaked out in front of the telly. I think it demonstrates why I don't like using grids to transfer images. I haven't anatomically understood this dog's pose, just relied on the reference points. So tomorrow I need to work out the proportions, and stop messing with fur. The shoulders are crazy, I think maybe I should have just suck to being Florence Nightingale!

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

My first dog commission, wip, 1

Just received a pastel commission for these two soppy things! Not the best quality photo, but I love the composition. I'm going to play with the colours of the background, as there is alot of green. I like the idea of the path in the background and have an idea how to include this. The shadows are great on the bridge so these will certainly be a feature.

Just had a little start on this today, not much to show yet, but lots of pondering upon approach.....