Friday, 7 May 2010

Day 3 wip, Deer relaxing

I've had a go at the deer's chest, I think it's better. I've not had too much time today, my son Spencer has his birthday party tomorrow so I've been busy buying a mountain of sweets and junk to fill party bags. I did get an hour this afternoon so started to work on the fur, its going to be a slow job, building up the layers slowly. I'm still not sure about the shoulder ( do deer have shoulders? ) of the deer,how it works anatomically.

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Day 2 wip, added another deer

I've decided to add another deer, I've placed her so that she overlaps the rump of the stag, I hope this will help the flow of the painting and prevent it looking too bitty. I've done a little bit more to the deer I started yesterday, I've just noticed that the chest is wrong, but its all a bit crude at the moment. There is alot of fur in this painting so I think it will take lots of patience! I'm going to sort out that deers chest now whilst its in my mind!

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Chilling out in Richmond park, wip day1

I have been won over by the deer! I've put this composition together from two photos. I'm thinking I may add a further deer in the centre in the foreground. The deer is also sat down but asleep, totally chilled. I'm worried it may make the painting too cluttered, I'm going to pencil it in tomorrow and ponder! Today mostly working out my composition, I've also worked in a bit more detail on a head, wanted to work out if I wanted it paint just in gouache, soon decided to use pastel pencil too.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Spring Fantastic!

I got up to Richmond park today, the azaleas are clashing in fantastic pinks but getting away with it! I stumbled across some deer, who were relaxing. So of course I disturbed them and took some photos.

Monday, 3 May 2010

I've had great May Day Bank Hols!

Despite the weather trying to ruin my bank hols I've have had a really good one! The sun managed to shine as I wandered though the woods at Poulston Lacey, the bluebells were fantastic. My spirits where also raised by my success at my first art exhibition. I managed to sell 5 paintings! This is a real boost for me I really needed some reassurance that my art is of interest to the other people. I sometimes think I should get a 'proper job', but one thing I know is nothing else could possibly give me the satisfation I get from my art. Enough waffle from me, at the moment I'm torn between doing some paintings from my travels and getting out to catch the spring explosion. I think maybe the latter.