Friday, 16 September 2011

Tropical waterlilies at Kew

I think the top one is almost there, I will leave it on the shelf to tweak. I'm now waiting for the bottom to dry so I can start to work in some more refined details. I spent some time playing with colours and tones yesterday. I want to capture light in the colours, the waterlily house is such a beautifully lit place. I'm trying to achieve the lights without using pure white, so to let the luminousity of the colours give the impression of the light.

Monday, 12 September 2011

All things watery

My day today has been very much centred around water. The depiction of it in my work, and in my day. I had a mini flood in my house due to a dodgy pipe. A plumber was trying to fix a small leak in the bathroom, which then turned into deluge that came through my kitchen ceiling, pouring through my extractor hood. Just hope the electrics have survived the soaking. 
This painting is proving to be another challenge, however I think I've finally got a feel for where I want to take it.