Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Giraffe emergancy repairs

I wasn't expecting to be revisiting this so soon. However my son Spencer managed to not only knock this off my easel, he also dropped several pastels onto it too. So decided to get it sorted, and I think its looking better. I'm now going to put this away!

Giraffe Work in Progress, day 3 and finally finished!

Played around with the brow shape last night, and generally worked more texture into the fur. Had the drawing upside down for a bit, and reshaped the eyes a little.
Had a final push on the drawing this morning, as he/she is beginning to annoy me! Sprayed the drawing with fixative again. Needed to decide on the background, this photo is a little bleached out on the left side. Some pictures can be really hard to photo, this is obviously one. Then put in final details, and highlights. Finally decided to work back in some orange and yellow, which had been a little lost during the drawing of the fur texture.
So for now I'm done, fairly pleased, but not totally satisfied, I may revisit this one!
Here's the finished drawing.

Monday, 24 August 2009

New Website

I've been busy setting up a website. Its very basic, but its a start!


Sunday, 23 August 2009

Giraffe work in progress, day 2

Day 2
I've started to to pick out the form of the giraffe, and play with some background colours. I like to work on the drawing as a whole, so I can get to feel the balance of tones and often work a colour through a drawing to achieve a balance.

I decided to spray the drawing with fixative after this stage, hoping it would fix this layer of pastel.

More texture, and form, the fixative has definitely helped me to layer more pastel on, more tinkering with background colour, I'm still having fun experimenting. I have added in contrasting colours to pick out different areas of the giraffe, rather than using white.