Saturday, 21 August 2010

2 weeks of rain......

I'm back from my summer hols, and rain was a large feature of the 2 weeks. This year we travelled to the Loire Valley in France, I had been looking forward to taking some pictures of the scenery, however the weather had other ideas. To add to my joy we were camping! We tried to make the best of it, hey we were pitched on a vineyard, so wine was never far away!
Last year we had better luck in the Loire, beautiful weather all week, and one thing we did this year was to revisit a fantastic zoo in the Loire, Zoo Doue.
We left France after 8 days, to go back to the UK heading down south west to Cornwall. If we thought the rain was bad in France, nothing compared to the cornish stuff, the sea-mists came in for the 4 days we were there. Scenery I believe was some where under it! We know the area well so decided to cut our losses and leave, fed up of fighting our way though grumpy tourists in the soggy attractions.
So glad to be back!