Friday, 15 November 2013

Getting to grips with waves, W.I.P.

I've only painted a couple of seascapes previously, the sea is a magical thing, ever changing. A few years back I painted a surfers beach in Portugal, as you can imagine the waves there were big and wild. This seascape is a very different scene, here the waves are gently rolling onto the shoreline, leaving a fluffy froth on the beach. I've recently relocated to Bournemouth so the sea is my new inspiration and I have much to learn! This is a small painting, oil on canvas, its very much an experimental painting that has plenty more work needed. 
I visited Hengistbury Head, Christchurch back in September, and made a start on a new painting which has sat on my easel ever since. I think I was hesitant to do more work to it as I found the sea such a challanging subject. The last month or so I've been out just watching the waves and the water as it comes up the beach. The sea is always unpredictable and just in the few months that I've lived by the coast we've seen the sea in it's many forms, from as still as a mill pond to the recent storms with winds up to 90mph. Light is consistently changing with the weather and the seasons, and I've got the Winter to look forward to and discover the new changes in the coming months. Anyway must get on with this painting first!