Friday, 28 January 2011


Today I started to block in some pastel on top of the gouache wash. It's all experimental, working light pastel on top of the darker gouache. I want to capture the reflections on the sand. The background has a wild sea, with spray coming off the waves, and foam on the surface of the water once the waves have broken.
This work is for me, so it means I can see where it takes me, good or bad.

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

A new project

I haven't forgotten my lioness, I intend to finish/work on it tomorrow at my art class.
Today I wanted to put a wash of gouache on some pastelmat paper. I plan to work over it in pastel once it has dried, I figured it would need at least 24 hours to really toughen up.
I was really inspired over Xmas after visiting a surfers beach in Portugal. The sea was wild, but the light was bright and the colours vibrant. The surf was breath-taking to watch, the sea mist making rainbows in the sun.
If I can capture just a hint of the energy of the waves, I will be a happy painter!