Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Keeping it loose

Today I filled in the penguins, I haven't gone into too much detail, I'm not sure I will. I need to make a few areas stand out a little more, and play with some highlights. There are also some rosy hues reflecting off the white areas such as their tummies.
The sea I've played with a dry bristle brush to re-expose my original background colour. I also tried wetting the pastel, but was a little concerned I would get tide-marks as it dried. The penguin on the far right, I need to tweak his arm, its going to close to the edge of the paper.

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Come on in the water's lovely!

After the recent headlines about the British Beaches having the best blue
flag records ever, I guess this is quite topical! Pure chance, I made a start on this back in July, however had to put it down as the school hols meant I needed to put on the hat of full-time Mum, of which I have no complaint! After the Summer I've been fortunate to have a good run of commissions so this one was left on the shelf. Now I can finally get back to this, I'm hoping to put it into an exhibition in December.
This started out as an experimental painting, its A3 pastel on pastelmat, not an unusual combo for me, however, I used a gouache wash to create a bespoke coloured pastelmat. I was not sure how the tooth of the pastelmat would handle the gouache wash, the result was, extremely well. My plan now is to work onto it in pastel, I may also try wetting the pastel once on the paper a technique I've yet to try.

Monday, 15 November 2010

Catching up, getting back up to speed

This is a WIP of my last commission. Due to being off line for a month I couldn't share this one on my blog. Its an A3 pastel painting on pastelmat paper. The landscape is a view in Scotland. It's already been handed over. I'm now on to my next project.
This time its back to a piece I started in the Summer. I've an exhibition coming up in December, I'm hoping this one is going to be a good one!