Friday, 15 October 2010

Now we're getting some attitude!

I've changed quite a few things, hopefully for the better. His profile is the main thing, also I've enlarged his nostrils. I've also reworked his eye. Generally I've been using a palette knife to paint the direction of the feathers. As mentioned yesterday, I've now put in his other wing, I also noticed that his body wasn't right his tummy was to small.

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Bertie slowly, slowly...

I've had a play with a palette knife today, I wanted to get some sharp edges, and reflections.
I've also been trying to get the feel for the direction of the feathers around Bertie's eyes, also I've had a go at the eye. I need to put back in some more colour once it dries.
Just noticed I need to tweek the profile it needs to go in by the nostril, I also need to put his wing in. The thing about commissions sometimes they make you paint something you might not have considered painting before, and giving up isn't an option, I think I'm getting him now.

Monday, 11 October 2010

Bertie continues

I've had an emotionally straining few days, lots on my mind. My Mum had to have what sounded like a hideous op' on her foot that involved breaking pinning, chipping. Thankfully she seems to be okay.
I've been visiting secondary schools for my son, a daunting task at best, but I've got the added complication of Michael's autism.
Finally my art group's exhibition, this one wasn't to be my show, no paintings sold, I must admit a little disappointing after selling 5 at the previous one. On a plus note, my cards sold very well. These were a new venture for me, so that's good.
I think as I've had plenty of other things to occupy my thoughts I've not had time to ponder it too much.
I finally got to deliver my latest painting of 5 cousins, the lady who commissioned it was thrilled. So ups and downs personally and professionally.
Bertie still remains untouched. I'm still inching my way around the colander, nothing has been decided upon yet, some areas I think I'm getting there, lots not.
Tomorrow I'm back to Bertie, I need to let the colander dry, then sharpen up areas