Thursday, 24 March 2011

A Summer's day revisited

This A3 pastel has been hung on my wall for the last couple of years. It was one of my first pastel portraitures, a scene from my son's sport's day. In the last year I guess my eye as an artist has improved and my skill in the pastels increased so the painting was beginning to annoy me, making me want to have another 'go' at it.
I've been asked to donate a pastel portraiture commission for an auction to raise money for the school that both my boys attend, I agreed, then realised I needed a pastel painting to demonstrate my pastel portraiture. The nature of taking on commissioned work is that the paintings don't stay in the studio very long, they are off to their new home as soon as they are completed. I have lots of paintings of my boys and cats in the house but mostly in oils, so wanted a pastel example. So finally this painting was taken down, removed from the frame and done! So glad I got round to it, finally I've stopped staring at it muttering about conrtast
and more form!

Monday, 21 March 2011


Here's my mallard, I think it's nearly there now.  I'm sticking it on the shelf with the zebra to ponder and tweak. The last thing I must get on with this week is to take some good quality photos of my new work, I want to get them printed up as greeting cards for the exhibition in May.