Sunday, 27 November 2011

Sorting out all my work for my next KAOS Exhibition. We're in the Kingston Market Place again. This time we've decided to make all work £100 and under, with the thought that people's minds are on Xmas now. We can offer truely unique gifts by local artists and crafts people, you certainly won't get anything similar on the high street!


sue said...

Good luck with the Fair. Great idea to keep everything under £100.

I'm lucky enough to live in Whitstable (well more Tankerton really) which was recently voted the most diverse town in England in terms of the variety of shops in its High Street - no chains! Although Costa Coffee has just managed to sneak in so this could be the start of the slippery slope. The public definitely enjoy shopping for more unusual arts & crafts as gifts I think.

Sjamesportraiture said...

The same can't be said of Kingston, chain after chain.....The exhibition is proving to be popular, just the weekend to go now.