Monday, 7 June 2010

Tufty is finished

He's finished, his owner has seen a photo of the painting and is pleased so I'm looking forward to letting her have the actual painting next weekend.
The commission came about after I donated a gift of a pet portraiture for a charity auction for Downs Syndrome. I am very aware of the challenges bringing up a child with a SEN, Michael my eldest has ASD. The cause is also special to me as my 6 year old nephew Max has Downs Syndrome.
To finish him off I reshaped his rear end, added some texture to the background, and some textured whiskers, so the white whiskers would stand out against his white chest. I'm happy with result, next I have another commission, this time 3 dogs. The photos are terrible and the dogs sadly no longer around. I think its going to be tough!


Crystal Cook said...

He looks smashing (always wanted to say that!), truly he does. Beautiful!

And good luck with your next comission, yikes I hate doing comissions with bad photos. Major stress!!

Sjamesportraiture said...

Thanks Crystal, the photos are BAD! I must get time to see what you've been up to recently.