Thursday, 3 June 2010

I'm slowly getting some work done...

Busy, busy this week. My boys are on holiday so we are making the most of the fantastic weather. We were up in Richmond park today, in my favourite bit, the Isabella plantation. I'm hopeful we will be getting the first mallard ducklings soon, there were lots of other babies on the pond all very sweet, but I have a soft spot for the mallard ducklings. I managed to wear my boys out in the park so they were happy to chill out after tea, so I seized the chance to get soon work done on this commission. I'm slowly building up the layers of gouache and pastel pencil. I've yet to consider the background, but I think next I will address the paws, then start on this, I want to get some shadow in where he's sat, so I can decide on the final depth of tone for his markings.

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