Thursday, 28 January 2010

What's next then?

That's been my thought today. I've some new pastelmat paper I want to try, but need to decide upon a subject. I want it to be fairly complex to test out the pastelmat paper, that claims to be able to hold multiple layers of pastel, without the need for a fixative. I've still a gouache painting to complete, but the temptation to try my new paper has won over. Here are some of my considerations today, the peacock feather definitely a challenge, but I haven't recovered from my peacock oil painting that I did last year!

This photo makes me laugh, it looks like the dove is in disbelieve that a parakeet has come to dine with him, but I think not for this project! The hippo shot got me thinking to try to get lots of different texture, but I don't like the fact it was obviously taken in a zoo.

I have decided to use a photo that was taken by my father in the Antarctic. It shows a seal up close in its natural habitat. I'm not posting this photo, I want to keep the painting a suprise. I hope it turns out, there are some lovely textures to explore.


Angela said...

Looking forward to seeing it!

Sjamesportraiture said...

Well I will definitely be doing the seal, some time soon. Guess what changed my mind again!