Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Ponte Vecchio WIP

I've managed a little more on this today. I'm finding everything is taking me longer at the moment, I keep going on about my wrist, but I'm still really slowed down by it, I realise I was so lucky it wasn't my dominate hand, however I hadn't noticed how often I use a brush/knife in my left hand in order to get at a difficult angle. On top of recovering from this, I'm also contending with a slightly strange infliction, swaying, and I've not been on the hard stuff! Three and a half weeks ago I finished a fantastic holiday cruising the Caribbean, I think everyone expects to take a few days to find their land legs, but I've yet to find them. I usually work standing in front of my canvas, so I can use my body from all angles and step back, however my swaying is making me feel very strange so I have now found being seated is preferrable. Strangely this seems to make me feel less energised, so I keep drifting off focus. However though progress is slow, I do have a good feeling about this work, and already feel its taking its own direction, so far I've only filled in basic blocks of colours, feeling the colour balance within the composition.

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