Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Kingston wildlife

My next few paintings are to depict some local Kingston wildlife. We are so fortunate to have Richmond Park and the river nearby, I've recently drawn a stag, now I have a number of other subjects. Firstly this swan on the Thames, I've also finally succeeded in my quest to take a photo of a heron. I've a great shot of a squirrel, and green parquets which also reside in our park,  another resident in the park are Mandarin ducks these are to be an another subject soon.


sue said...

Lucky you Sarah. I have files full of wildlife I've photographed and am itching to 'get stuck into' but just not enough hours .... or perhaps more truthfully I'm not organised enough!!

Look forward to seeing some beautiful work from you as always :-)

Sjamesportraiture said...

I know what you mean. As well as being fun, this is also hopefully going to be business!