Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Ponte Vecchio

I've just returned from a lovely holiday in Italy, where culture is crammed into every inch! I made a long overdue return to Florence, a city I last visited some 20 years ago. I was charmed by this city then, and I wasn't disappointed this time around. I was fascinated by the Ponte Vecchio with its crazy angles, and little box houses that overhang the Arno river. The bridge was the only one in Florence to survive World War II, and dates back to Medieval times. The beautiful simple exterior of the bridge hides an Aladdin's cave, a  jewellery mecca, shop upon shop that span the length of the bridge.
Today I sketched onto the canvas some basic guidelines, the perspective on this bridge seems to break all conventional rules. I then laid down a dilute layer of oil paint to give a skin on the canvas, mainly to loose the white of the canvas.
I had good news on my return from my hols that I sold a painting in my last exhibition. Now I need to get myself organised for the next venture with KAOS, Open Studio Event, Kingston artists are opening their studios to the public this month, details are on my facebook fan page.

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