Friday, 21 January 2011

George is finished

Did the final pulling together of this painting today. I decided yesterday that I really liked the movement of George's coat, and wanted to capture this in the landscape as well. I've just received a lovely response from the lady who commissioned the painting. I've used some strong contrasting colours to draw the eye to different parts of the painting, hopefully taking the eye through the composition.
I must finish my lioness, I'm also very excited about a new project. I've recently joined a group of Kingston artists called Kingston Artists Open Studio (KAOS). We are planning to exhibition twice a year in the centre of Kingston. As well as this we are opening up our studios to the public in the Summer. It's a great chance to get to meet the artists and get an insight to how our paintings happen. I'm waiting for our website to be completed, then I will post a link and give more information on the dates of the exhibition and Open studio event, I'm sooo excited!


Anonymous said...

George is looking great, I especially love his fur. Well done for joining KAOS, I have to admit I chickened out a bit with a crisis of confidence about my work, but I hope to join in the future. I will definitely come to see you exhibit!


Sjamesportraiture said...

Thanks about George, Do join KAOS. It's all new and very exciting, everyone, I've met to date are so friendly.

Anonymous said...

Hi - George was our puppy and we actually got the painting over the weekend after visiting our lovely friends who took out the commission.

My wife cried and I laughed (George always made me laugh) which shows you got him just right.

The photo is one of George as he was looking for me in the distance.

Happy memories...

Very much.

Anonymous said...

Just to say that George was our dog!
We are absolutely thrilled with your painting of him. You have captured him completely and utterly. He was a much loved pet, a well known character and a huge part of our family....
We miss him enormously but your painting reminds us of all the happy times we had. St Ives was his favourite place! I took this photo and it happened to be one of our favourite out of all the ones you were sent.
Thank you so very much :-)
(and we can never say enough thank yous to our lovely, thoughtful friends who commissioned it!)

Sjamesportraiture said...

Hi thank you so much for the lovely messages, I've been so busy, I've only just spotted them. It always gives me such buzz when I get the portrait to reflect the personality of the subject as well as to resemble him. I hope it will help keep the happy memories of George forever.