Thursday, 16 September 2010

My house is a mad-house!

Today has not proved to be a good day to get some work done. My house has been taken over by painters, not the artist type, decorators. I'm very happy I'm not up the ladder doing the work, however its a little distracting having someone tapping on your studio window saying 'that's very clever, that it!', thou obviously very flattering!
My house has disappeared under a layer of dust, and my sinuses stuffed up with fumes and paint dust, joy!


Carol Blackburn said...

Oh no, Sarah..........looks like it's time to grab the camera and go out on a photo-taking expedition. That's what I do to clear my head and get some peace and quiet. LOL Love how your painting is coming along.

Sjamesportraiture said...

Thanks Carol, photo-taking sounds inviting!