Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Seal wip day3

I've started to work in stronger tones today, lots of blues and greys. I need to reshape the top of her nose, I hadn't notice it was out until I loaded the photo on blogger. Photos are a great tool to enable you to spot mistakes! Not too sure what to do with the background. I was going to hint the sea, but now I'm thinking a darker tone, I quite like the warmth of the brown. The pebbles that he'll eventually lie on have lots of warm tones, as well as greys.


Ira Grin said...

Its amazing to see how the picture comes to life! Thank you for posting this.

Erik said...

Wow Sara, you can see the entire world in those eyes. Mesmerizing.
Looking forward to seeing your duckling!

Sjamesportraiture said...

Thanks Ira, so pleased that you like it! Erik the eyes are amazing, that is the thing that drew me to the picture, the reflection of the Antarctic.