Sunday, 9 May 2010

Phew, survived my son's 6th Birthday party!

Spencer decided this year that he would like a ceramics painting party, you know the cafes/workshops where you pick a kitten and paint it really badly! I quite liked this idea, as I like to encourage any creativity in him. The only drawback was the workshop wasn't providing much help apart from a quick instruction and then run in the opposite direction. So Steve and I were left with 16 kids ranging in age from 5-9years. The first 15 minutes were lovely, angelic children engrossed in the creative process. The boys however were speedy, deciding to be simplistic in their work so 20 mins into the hour's worth of painting they were finishing and getting restless.....
40 minutes later of creative entertainment I'm knackered! Bring on the mountain of party food, 15 minutes of quiet. Then I have 16 pairs of expectant eyes upon me that are now pumped up on sugar - joy!
I have managed today to get some painting done, Spencer and Michael went to the cinema with their Dad, so I took to opportunity to do a bit.
I've worked on the deers legs, then decided to start another deer. This little one has proved tricky, I really struggled to get his head shape, still not happy but this is where I'm at.

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Crystal Cook said...

Wow, that is quite a party to survive! You are a brave lady :)

And I love this, it's coming along very nicely!