Thursday, 11 March 2010

It's me!

Well it will be, once I've aged it by ten years, I'm looking very fresh faced, not the true post kids haggard self! I've been thinking for a while I'd like to attempt a self portrait. This year I turn 40, and I think its a milestone that makes you have to acknowledge you are now middle aged, and life has left its mark on your face!
Obviously this painting is about my likeness, however its also about the way my weight is distributed in the pose. I have cropped this hopefully so the pose will create interesting shapes within the composition. Its hard not to be vain when painting yourself, I took a snap shot to capture the pose, however have spent several hours today peering into a mirror, prodding at various baggy and saggy bits! I must also mention this is a A3 pastel painting on pastelmat.

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