Thursday, 7 January 2010

The snow has finally arrived in Kingston!

We had escaped the 'big freeze' much to the disgust of my kids, and I guess myself, I'd been jealous of all the lovely snowy art posted on lots of blogs. We got it yesterday. We are still fairly well off compared to lots of folks, but being Southern softies the schools are closed, even though all major roads are clear and public transport is running. The kids were obviously pleased with the closure of the schools, my husband made it into work so the responsibility of taking the boys sledging was down to me. I know we don't get snow often but why does it have to be so cold? I loved watching all the sledging, the children had such fun, I even had a little go! But after an hour or so there was no getting away from the fact my feet were freezing, even with my newly purchased ski-ing socks.
We went up to Richmond park which was beautiful, its also just about the only hill around us. The park has had a dramatic transformation in the last month, the beginning of December it still looked very autumnal.

Today everything was frozen solid.


rob ijbema said...

excellent,you've got your snow!
like the b4 and after pics
hope to see your efforts soon

Sjamesportraiture said...

Yes we've got it. I won't be painting on location, its too cold. I've been out and about with my camera, so hope to get a good shot. I've been testing a snow setting on my camera, so we'll see what I get.