Sunday, 4 October 2009

Wip, finally get some more done!

As the title suggests, this has been a very drawn out affair. Got a couple of hours today whilst my son Spencer (who's the subject of this piece) was at a party. I have discovered another useful technique with pastels. For the folds and creases on Spencer's trousers I first used a hard conte pastel in the darker tone, then went completely over this with a very soft pastel in the lightest tone. Then used a stump tool to blend and rub away the soft pastel to create the different tones. I decided to to take the plunge and start the water. Still very basic tonal values, there is the beginnings of the movement, but no convincing ripples. Also have to consider the splashes of water and water droplets on Spencer's hand.


jolicious said...

I wonder what he's thinking!? Good to see your progress -it's really interesting to see how your pictures develop. xx

Sjamesportraiture said...

I found this one tough, not sure about the end result, technically it has issues, but I like quite a few of the details.