Wednesday, 30 September 2009

A Quiet Moment w.i.p., day 2

Had a very busy day today, so unfortunately the progress on this has been limited. I'm still using mainly conte pastel (hard), as I've worked mostly on the stone steps. Have started to introduce some colour, generally experimenting with the palette I want to use. I think I want to keep it simple.
The steps are making me feel sea-sick when I look at them on this photo, so I guess the perspective still requires some work! Next I'm going to consider the drawing of my son, then get stuck into the water. I'm leaving the water to last as I think I will need lots of soft pastels, so don't want to have to lean my hand on them to work on other areas of the drawing. At some point I will have to go for it, so I can see how the drawing works as a whole.

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