Thursday, 17 September 2009

Day 2 Lioness Wip

Day 2, stage 4
I'm hoping the reason I can't see a difference is that I had to take this photo under my day light lamp! I decided to work on this upside down a bit. Its a great way to spot errors, your eyes can't assume things.
I'm fairly pleased, if a little slow to progress. Tomorrow I'm going to work on the background, then decide how much more colour and tone to give the lioness.

Day 2, stage 3
I've decided to spray this with a layer of fixative. I've used some softer pastels to get the softness of the fur, but now want to work some finer detail in. I'm using conte pastels, which are hard, to achieve some finer detail. I've stopped thinking I'm finishing this today, as I haven't even considered the background yet.

Day 2, stage 2

Still getting to grips with the bone structure and muscles. Have started to consider the fur, used a stump (pastel tool) to get a feeling of the direction of the fur. Now I'm really thinking this isn't going to be finished today!

Day 2, Stage 1.
Well, mixed feelings today, I wanted to finish this today, but I am a long way off that. However its going okay, so will crack on. I'm a bit of a perfectionist, so won't rush it. I've put some colour and light in her eyes, and continued to add form.

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