Thursday, 6 August 2009

August portrait challenge

Its the Summer holidays, that means not much time left for painting. My two boys have kept me busy, so oil painting isn't happening now until Sept. I was missing my art so decided to do something smaller, that I could knock out a bit faster, and importantly with no clearing up. Spotted a monthly portrait challenge on an artists forum, that looked interesting. A photo is posted up and artists are invited to paint the same portrait, just for fun. So I decided to have a go, picked pastels and charcoal, something I'm not very experienced in and experimented.
Here it is, I'm fairly pleased for a first attempt, its on A4, so I found it a shock to work so much smaller.


Trevor Lingard said...

A lovely piece with much character.
Good luck with the blog too.
I look forward to seeing more.

Sjamesportraiture said...

Many thanks, I've got lots more planned, especially after my trip to the Loire Valley.

Nicki MacRae said...

Still love this!! :-D